Incredible India

I’m an early riser, well only during the weekdays. I love sleeping, as long as it doesn’t pour down my time down the drain. India is an astonishingly busy and energetic country, hustling with life and i reckon you could call it rather noisy as well. I’ve read many times in tons of social studies’ text books during my elementary school days that  India is a developing country and I bet kids today still do. Although it is not clear to me whether it was meant for literal or practical reasons, I’m pretty sure even my parents came across this sentence a couple of times during theirs. But for all I know, I love being Indian. Everything is so ridiculously incredible and for someone who loves diversity, its an absolute haven. What else? Well, diversity calls for amazing food and lots of festivals. And festivals mean more holidays. What more could an overworked overburdened stressed exploited average Indian student ask for?



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