Perks of being an engineer

Here’s the thing, I’m not an engineer, at least not technically, yet. There’s this thing with Indian SOME societies where most people have been drugged by the idea, that only doctors and engineers are the be all and end all of a very successful life. Well yes, i am an engineer (in the making) and fortunately or unfortunately it wasn’t like i was forced to take  up this course, I must say i always had this thing for software, the name tag is just too sexy. But its way more than the relative attractiveness of just the name, its the thrills and drills and life-threatening incidents you get to experience while programming. I’ve come pretty close to death on every such occasion. Engineering is this magical world where you get to sharpen your writing skills, defy the usual and boring ideals of comprehension and master the art of quantity over quality. The continuous lack of sleep, the baggage of assignments, tests and more tests and classes that goes on seemingly forever. Oh and that’s not enough, I’m under the impression that  everyone shares this common fantasy of finding the true love of their lives because ever since I got here, hormone-driven dramas have navigated their ways into places that were once devoid of emotion, or worse yet, aroused strange new feelings.
I’ve made it! I survived up till the last day of my fourth semester.

ran outta answers, been drawing on my question papers lately.
Ran outta answers, been drawing on my question papers lately.




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