I am a NAGA

Yes I am a Naga too 🙂

The unsolicited advice-giver

I am a NAGA. Yes, I am from a place where people love following Western culture despite having a vibrant culture of their own.

A place where people love eating meat.

A place where the time of Hornbill Festival means better equipped facilities, better roads, lesser potholes, cleaner environment.

A place where any kind of person on Facebook can become a journalist in times of crisis or obvious situation or any other calamities.

A place where being stuck in traffic jam becomes a part of one’s daily routine.

A place where boys and girls strut around the town in their best attires but, when the day comes to an end, they all eventually go back home to those Naga dishes (Smelly but tasty).

A place where the festive season means pork everywhere.

A place where there’s a variety of talents everywhere.

A place where most people still live a mediocre…

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